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Anathem, by Neal Stephenson

I just finished after a few weeks this amazing book. The first 50 pages were hard as I  had to not only get into the new world and story but also in the new vocabulary. But after these I was hooked. From page 100 to 200, the suspens started to increase progressively until I litterally could not get away from that one. Continue reading “Anathem, by Neal Stephenson”

Book reviews of January – February 2016

To restart this blog I am putting very quickly a resume of the two books I read in the previous weeks. I hope I will be able to publish more often – it’s not as if I had not published anything since December 2014 after all…  Since my last post here I have moved to Seattle to pursue an MBA in Sustainable Business and Energy at Pinchot University. I am slightly (haha) busy…  Continue reading “Book reviews of January – February 2016”