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The best list ever : learn almost everything for FREE !

One day while I was browsing Tumblr, I found a G R E A T list of totally free resources to learn almost everything. I decided to republish it for you to enjoy that. A million thanks to girl-havoced. View full article »

Photo album : Colombia 2014

Hello all, just a few lines to announce that I have published on Flickr over twenty pictures from my travel in Colombia. Hope you will love them. :)

Monuments Men

The Monuments MenIt had been a long while since my last time at the cinema. The last movie was The Wolf of Wall Street in December. But last week I went to see Monuments Men, a film by and with George Clooney, featuring Matt Damon, Bill Murray and last but not least Cate Blanchett.

The story, based on an eponymous book by Robert M. Edsel, counts the story of men enrolling in the US army to recover stolen masterpieces. View full article »

CO2, the board game

CO2 the board gameAn environmentally concerned citizen and a blogger, I am also enjoying board games. So when François and Cindy offered me last year CO2 the board game, it was an instant hit.

We finally had the pleasure to test this game and we really really enjoyed it. The games rules may seem hard, very hard, and the chances of success slim, very slim, but we did beat the game the first time after many many hours of fun. View full article »

Re-reading Roald Dahl

MatildaI have had the occasion over the past few months to read again three of the most known Roald Dahl’s books : Matilda, the Big Friendly Giant and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Having read – and loved them – as a young kid, I was wondering if I would enjoy them as much as an adult. And the answer is a loud Y E S ! View full article »

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