Mass Effect

Back to June I played one of the best video games I have been playing : Mass Effect. I had bought it when it was on sales at a ridiculous price on Steam.

After 40 hours to complete the game I can say it is simply a must if you are looking for a great game and / or a fan of the space opera genre. (and I am, see my readings on my other website)

With great characters, magnificent decors and graphics as well as an awesome scenario you won’t be disappointed.


One thought on “Mass Effect

  1. I am not fond of actual RPG with tactical combats, endless skills trees, etc… But I really enjoyed another Bioware’s game : Dragon Age Origins.

    You have to like tactical combat and the fact that your character is not voiced (but the dubbing of Non playable characters is just awesome, strengthening their personnality, the latter is very well developed through sidequest and rich dialogs) but I think the game is really worth-it.

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