At the Air and Space Bourget Museum

As I am leaving Paris I am trying to see as many museums as I can. As a space / adventures fan I had to go to the Bourget Air and Space Museum.

First thing first : yes, it’s not in Paris itself, yes, the ride in Metro / RER / bus wasn’t a treat. It took me 90 minutes to get there and as much to come back.

But it was worth it. I spent almost seven hours there. For ten bucks ( including three for the audioguide) I spent a lot of time discovering, learning, getting myself into airplanes…

From the early glorious days of Adler and the Wright Brothers to the Concorde, there is simply too many things to see, watch, listen to, to tell.

One of the main great points : you can actually enter a Dakota airplane, and feel like you are about to jump over the Normandy beaches in 1944, in the Concorde on your way to New York or in a Super Etendard helicopter with the French Gendarmerie as they are rescuing civilians lost at sea. (This was absolutely fantastic as I actually felt the chopper taking off)

You got it by now : this is a must if you are interested in this kind of thing.

My rating : 16/20. (two points down because of the pain it is to get there…)


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