The adventures of Tintin

Earlier in November I went to see this film. As a huge lifelong fan of the bandes dessinées (the French / Belgian comics ) I was highly expecting of this film.

I was quite happy with the beginning with the cameos of both Hergé and Spielberg. The story was starting very well. But then it turned in a hollywoodian movie. Guns, explosions…

Of course, there are guns and even explosions in the original story. But not that much. The other negative point I have is a bit of the same : it is going too fast, too much…

The pace of the film left me almost breathless. It gives the impression Spielberg thought the original slow pace of the bandes dessinées would bore to death today’s public.

Nonetheless it was great to see Tintin adapted to Hollywood. At long last !

Grade for this film : 14 / 20 IMDB : 7.7.


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