Good bye Paris (Back to business)

You can’t say I hadn’t warned you : I have no idea on how much I could update this website… So after a two-month interruption I am officially declaring this blog back to business.

My new life between Valenciennes and Mons is literally packed. I am very pleased to have left Paris, even if I will keep on missing my friends and the peculiar atmosphere…

I had written a few posts while in a train or waiting for a meeting but hadn’t had the time nor the opportunity to put these online. So in the next few weeks I will go through these unpublished articles.

The picture above was taken during my last night in Paris. It was foggy. It gives a very strange impression and I quite like this picture, and this albeit it was taken with my iPhone, and not my DSLR. (it decided it had taken enough photos for the moment and that the battery was dead…)


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