I played this month is Bastion, an absolutely great independant videogame, from SuperGiant Games.

I particularly liked the atmosphere, the graphics – with very cute characters and overall design – are just excellent. A special note for the soundtrack as well as the narrator’s voice which is just incredible.

The character you are playing, The Kid, has a lot of enemies to eradicate and even more stylish weapons to do the job. Each of them can be improved by training in dedicated levels.

Concerning the game’s lifespan, it took me less than 10 hours to reach the end of the adventure. Not bad for a game I bought 10€ with the soundtrack included.

I highly recommend you to buy the soundtrack as it is really good. I particularly enjoy listening to Zia’s theme :

You must have understood it by now : I strongly recommend you, I urge you to BUY this game. So SuperGiant Games makes another fantastic game.

You’ll have a good time, and your kids / nephews and nieces / other kid in the neighbourhood as well.

Grade : 16/20.


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