The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Winter is always a special time. Some people just can’t stand the cold, the incessant rain ( or snow if you are lucky enough to have escaped climate change ). But for me, it is different as I just love reading.

While leaving my parents house after New Year’s Day I took my dad’s omnibus book of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories of Sherlock Holmes. (with his permission, don’t worry)

I indeed never had read the complete stories of Sherlock Holmes. The last rainy Sundays afternoon were the occasion…

Out of  the 56 short stories featuring the most famous fictional detective, I have read the first twelve that are making The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

For a first book of a series, I have to say I quite enjoyed myself. The original illustrations by Sidney Paget are a nice touch as it had been a long while since I have read books with illustration 😛

I however stopped reading after this as I didn’t want to spoil myself.

Here is a rundown of the stories (links will bring you to Wikipedia pages) :

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