Further to playing Hydrophobia, it seemed natural to me that I should keep on playing games located in some marine environment.

This reminded me that I had bought Bioshock 2 a while ago as it was on sales on Steam. But playing the second opus of the series without re-playing the first was out of question.

So this is why I reinstalled the treasured Bioshock. Despite it was my third time playing it since it I bought it in 2007, I had a great time.

Bioshock is one of the very best first person shooters I ever played. The atmosphere is great, the history and background make sense and are captivating, the characters are colorful and well played.

Would you kindly buy this game ?

Unlike Hydrophobia, this is a super production. It will give you a great time once, twice or even thrice as it did with me.

There are alternate endings, so it is completely possible. The vast variety of weapons and plasmids (superpowers) make that not only possible, but enjoyable.

I look forward to playing the second opus…


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