Swimming twice or thrice per week, you might say that I would be an ideal tester for a social network for fit people.

So I created myself an account and started loging my swimming sessions. However, I found that after less than a month I abandonned the idea alltogether.

Indeed, if I swim it is for me, I don’t need motivation. I have enjoyed doing so for almost twenty years – gosh I feel oooold writing that – and my renewed interest is purely self motivated : I want to be as unstoppable physically that I am mentally.

So I haven’t logged anything on Fitocracy and don’t plan to anymore. I guess it is a perfect fit for people who are not self motivated and need something to just lift up some weights and so on.

The smartphone apps may certainly have helped me in logging in. But I have to admit that I didn’t want to add anything on my ageing iPHone…


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