Apocalypse Now

I just came back from the cinema were Apocalypse Now was shown. The last time I had seen this masterpiece I was still a student, still a boy perhaps.

I was a bit disappointed when I booked the seat as it was supposed to be in French. Lucky me, it was in original version, with subtitles…

Watching this on a huge cinema screen is just another experience altogether. The atmosphere, the ambiance, the jungle, the madness, the horror penetrates you even more.

The dialogues are fantastic, just as the the way it was filmed just fills you with the madness of men, the moist of the jungle…

I liked how the various scenes go crescendo in madness :

  • Surfing in a whole combat zone
  • The show with the Playboy bunnies
  • The search of the Vietnamese boat (which goes completely wrong)
  • The bridge scene with no commanding officer or any order : ” You’re in the asshole of the world, Captain! “

The final fireworks : Col Kurtz’ s camp. Filled with bodies and head, rotting, decaying. Blood and guts… the motto being ” Apocalypse Now” is clearly there, at the arrival of Capt Willard.

I am not a litterature man enough to bring to words what this movie made me feel. If you have never watched it, go and watch it, if you have already watched it, go on, and watch it on the biggest screen you can.

As we all left the theater, we were all wandering, haggard, haphazard, Apocalypse Now is an experience, not a movie…

A big huge 10/10 for that movie.


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