Crysis 2

The Steam summer sales are – like every sales – a bad news for your wallet if you can’t manage your cravings and wants. This was the occasion for me to buy Crysis 2, the sequel of the brilliant 2008 game.

For ten euros I had 15 hours of entertainment with a lot of action and great cinematic sequences. I have to admit it was a good time but not as great as I would have imagined.

I would clearly have been disappointed if I had bought it for the full price – due to its quite modest duration –  but in these conditions, this is a good deal.

The story – revolving around conspiracy theories and alien invasions – is interesting but not much more. What is is really fantastic about this game is the graphics. The vistas of a post apocalyptic New York are just great. The falling leaves, the waste, everything is just amazingly beautiful and well rendered.

On a sidenote I was happy to see that my three year old computer could show everything in such amazing quality without problems…


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