Hogfather, by Terry Pratchett

Here is the 20th book of the Discworld series and the 21st I read since 2007. It is simply brilliant as it parodies Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and other similar childish beliefs.

Hogfather parodies Christmas tales and many other of our traits revolving around this particular time of the year. It enables to see how truly ridiculous we can be sometimes…

I truly enjoyed this one as it features my all time favorite Discworld character, Death. It also features Susan Sto helit, his grand daughter, the crazy wizards of the Unseen University, a completely ruthless Assassin – Mr. Teatime, pronounced “Te-ah-tim-eh “– and last but not least, the God of Hangover. (or the oh god, if you may).

The approach to mythical characters are the same as for gods in Pratchett’s views : if nobody believe anymore in a god : it dies. So in this adventure, Death saves the day – and the Discwolrd – by impersonating the Hogfather . Indeed, if the Hogfather dies, the sun wouldn’t rise again.

A simple must, 16/20.

see for further laughs and or explanations about the book : The Annotated Pratchett File 9.0

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