Last week I went to see Pixar’s latest, Brave. I was a bit disappointed as the studio used to make such brilliant movies such as the Toy Story trilogy, Up, Monsters INc and my all time favorite, Wall-E.

Brave is a good animation movies for kids, this I am ready to admit it. It is also a good Disney. But it fails at being a good Pixar.

What makes Pixar great stuff is their ability to make parents, or adults, have a good time as well. And I am not sure they succeeded this time.

Grade : 14/20. Good but not great.

I can’t wait to see their next year’s movie : Monsters Inc 2, also known as Monsters University. Here is a teaser :

6 thoughts on “Brave

  1. About “Brave” : I also think it’s a good Disney. But I can’t find Pixar’s spirit in this. The animation is certainly great but something is missing… And so many “Disney-like” songs in a Pixar movie 😦

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