An unsuitable job for a woman

An unsuitable job for a womanA few years ago my dad lent me a book from one of his favorite authors, Phyllis Dorothy James, more commonly known as P.D. James.

It was her first book ever, Cover her face, and I kinda like it. Later on, I read the author’s latest books, The Murder Room and The Lighthouse, which I greatly enjoyed.

But back to the book I read this month : An unsuitable job for a Woman was written in the 1970s and one can see that with the peculiar atmosphere.

The story follows a young female private eye – Cordelia Gray – that inherits her boss’s practice just after his suicide. (which really occurs on the very first line of the book. Way to start a thriller…). Her first investigation is about a young Cambridge grad who also is supposed to have committed suicide…

The fact the heroine is in her early twenties makes me think that I would recommend that to a young girl as it is indeed

I look forward to reading another PD James’ book…

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