Looking for great sci fi and space opera books

One of my favorite genre in books remains science fiction, and particularly space operas. In the past few years I have read – and reviewed on my other blog quite an important amount of books of this particular genre.

Here are a few of them : The Revelation Space cycle by Alastair Reynolds, The Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson or A deepness in the sky by Vernor Vinge.

Of course, I have also read older books like the Foundation cycle by Isaac Asimov or Blade Runner by Philip K. Dick (despite the latter is not a space opera per se… )

I plan to read the latests books of both Alastair Reynolds (Blue Remembered Earth) and Kim Stanley Robinson (2312) but I am open for other suggestions.

So if you have ideas of great books, please feel free to share !

10 thoughts on “Looking for great sci fi and space opera books

  1. Dan Simmon’s Hyperion (1989), Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, Rise of Endymion…. Hyperion won the Hugo award for best sci-fi novels and is considered one of the classics. The second book is nearly as good — the middle one is average but the final one resurrects some of the glory.

    And of course the Dune series…. At least the first three books (and remember, ONLY THE BOOKS WRITTEN by Frank Herbert, the ones in the same universe by his son Brian Herbert, are awful).

    • Many thanks Joachim for your kind suggestions. I had read Hyperion and almost finished the Fall of Hyperion but didn’t finish as I didn’t like Simmon’s taste for gore, agony, suffering and so on…

      Likewise, I didn’t finished Carrion Comfort…

      Many thanks for Dune. You remind them I bought them years ago but never read them…

      • Agony and suffering are sort of standard in good lit/sci-fi… well… The gore, not so necessary yes, but not nearly as extensive as some current space opera… Neal Asher’s works for example.

        Haven’t read Dune!?! hehe, again, sort of strange… I’d definitely only read the first three books in the original series.

    • Many thanks for the suggestions !

      The Robot cycle by Asimov – ar at least the first tome – should have been on my reading list from the start.

      I heard about Enders game but never thought of it.

      I never heard about the others however. Many thanks for that 🙂

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