Expendables 2

I moderately enjoyed the first Expendables but it offered the ability to have a good time while sipping on an ice cold drink with friends. It is indeed a great pop corn film.

Given the enthusiastic review I had read for the second opus, I thought that it would be a nice way to spend a Saturday evening.

Well I was disappointed as it offers little much than the first. Sure, there is a LOT of action (and blood, and gore, and bits…), sure there are hilarious one-liners, but for TEN EUROS this isn’t enough.

On a sidenote, I really liked the introduction sequence and thought this was going to be an epic movie if it kept on going like this. Too bad, it didn’t : the action scenes were less and less spectacular as the movie went on.

So, if you are a bit low on money – like most of us with that triple crisis – save your money and watch it on video on demand or on DVD when it will be on sales…

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