I read Jingo in the last few weeks and I really enjoyed it. It’s a Terry Pratchett book at his finest. It is featuring Sir Samuel Vimes and his brilliant Watch.

In this tome, Ankh Morpork is at war against Klatch and Terry takes the occasion to show how wars are preposterous and completely unnecessary.

As always, Pratchett offers a great caricature of our world and how utterly stupid we can be.

I had a huge laugh at the bits hinting on H.P. Lovecraft works as there is a Dagon Street and curious Squids. (Yes, I read The Call of Cthulhu and a few other unmentionable H.P. Lovecrafts novels. ) About this, read the annotation for page 44 :

Leshp bears a resemblance to H. P. Lovecraft’s similarly strange-sounding creation, R’lyeh — an ancient, now submerged island in the Pacific, inhabited by alien Things with strange architecture, which rises at very long intervals and sends people mad all over the world. For full details, see Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu.

This book is a good opus of the Discworld series. Strongly recommended if you liked the others !

As always, to continue the reading, have a look at the annotations.

Post Script : I decided to give you the reading order of Discworld novels.

Reading order for the Discworld books

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