Initiation to film photography

film photographyAs I stated in a previous post, I got myself into a photography club to learn how to take better pictures with my awesome Nikon D3100 DSLR. Friday, the photo club proposed an initiation to film photography.

I attended it as I had great memories of the time when I first was introduced ten years ago to dark room printing with a friend who became a professional photographer since.

I have to say that this IS a lot of fun.

Processing, editing and printing your film photo is indeed a much more active process and operation than for digital pictures. You are standing up, walking between the various parts of your photo lab…

I think I may get a hold of the old film camera my dad and have some fun with it as I really would like to experiment this.

If like me you are interested in how to process your film photography, you might be willing to check out that great Instructables page.


2 thoughts on “Initiation to film photography

  1. Yeah, film photography! The ultimate test to tell the difference between real photographers and those who just own an overpriced camera 🙂
    I’d love to take up film photography, but my dad’s silver camera is broken down…

  2. Ah, if it is broken you should fix it 🙂

    and it you can’t, there are potential great deals with second hand cameras. One of my friends in the photo club bought for 400€ a DSLR that would have costed thousands a decade ago…

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