SkyfallI am just back from watching the latest instalment of the James Bond’s license, Skyfall. This is my first 007 in a long time as I haven’t seen the two previous movies played by Daniel Craig ( I know, shame on me ).

I have to say that Skyfall is quite a good movie, a perfect entertainment for a cloudy Sunday evening. But is it a good James Bond movie ? I am not so sure…

Sure, there are a few good car chases, beautiful ladies and a slight tinge of humour but this isn’t about espionage anymore as Bond becomes at some point a hitman. There are just too many shooting scenes, making Skyfall an action movie on too many occasions…

Another major Minus is that there are NO proper gadgets. Have you ever seen a 007 movie without it’s ingenious gadget ? This can be explained by the fact that Q is now some computer nerd more prone to hack computers than to make things go BOOM !

To save this, a few homages are being paid to fifty years of James Bond adventures on the big screen. The Aston Martin DB5 makes a beautiful cameo and the end of the movie gets back to the roots of the license, but that’s pretty much it…

To infer this review, I have to say that I got mixed feelings about this movie and would advise you not to waste 10 euros on it but to watch it on DVD rental or VOD…

Grade : 007 (!) out of 10.

Special mention to the original theme of this movie, Skyfall, magnificently played by Adele. I just can’t stop playing this song as I wrote those lines.

The piano, the voice, the tune… it is so beautiful ! Here is the video clip for your hearing pleasure :

3 thoughts on “Skyfall

  1. I strongly agree when you say that it’s not about espionage anymore. Bond has become a mainstream action-figure who still saves the day but has also become much more vulnerable and human. Even though Skyfall and Casino Royale were both great, I miss the original Bond with his charm and arrogance. Good review and Adele really made something of the song.


    • Many thanks Samuel for your comment. I just published that post and it already got commented upon.

      Exactly, a action figure, just like Bourne, just like so many others. Your comment makes me think that while I believe Daniel Craig is a good actor, I just miss the good ol’ days and Sean Connery’s presence, charisma, character…

  2. In my opinion, the latest James Bond movies are more about espionage than all previous movies : the plot is more realistic, there are more computers, radios & cellulars and less eccentric gadgets, villains are more “badass” and less chivalrous…
    It all depends on your definition of “espionage” and the lastest movies depict this field more realistically than the former ones.

    However, I agree, nowadays James Bond stands no comparison to Sean Connery’s charm. Yet it is quite entertaining.

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