Trine 2

Trine 2 logoHere is another Multiplayer videogame I had the pleasure to play this month. The adventure is quite short – eight hours – but offers to be played by three gamers.

The players can either be a magician, a knight or a thief. Each character has its specialties and have to rely on the other two to solve the various puzzles that are the heart of the game.

Here is a short presentation of the characters, taken from the official website :

Amadeus the Wizard
Despite his ongoing research for finally learning the Fireball spell, the Wizard’s talent is for conjuring peculiar boxes, and occasionally even planks. He can also levitate small inanimate objects.
Amadeus is married to a lady by the name of Margaret. They have three children, all of whom know the Fireball spell.

Pontius the Knight
The Knight is an eager champion of the kingdom, the protector of the common man with a great sense of justice. Armed with his sword, his shield and the powerful Storm Hammer, he’s a formidable fighter.

Zoya the Thief
The Thief makes her way up to rooftops and over walls with her trusty grappling hook. Zoya is not so concerned about family or duty, but she is content to be a hero of the Trine, for she loves adventure.

What makes Trine 2 stand out from the crowd is its great visual  effects and graphics. Here are a few screenshots that will give you an overview.

For a few hours I had quite some fun as the puzzles can be sometimes quite challenging. I strongly recommend it as the realization is flawless, the story simple yet well told, the characters funny…

If you have the possibility to play with two good friends in LAN or over the Internet, treat yourself right and buy Trine2.

Grade : 8 / 10.

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