LeechblockIf you are like me between two missions and / or self employed – or worse, if you have a paying job – you might be inclined to go all too often on time-wasting websites like Facebook, 9gag or Tumblr.

If you are well motivated, no problem, your new-year resolution might have changed that overnight. If not, I might have found a solution for you.

Leechblock is a website blocker for Firefox which is being used by over 65 thousand people…  It can be set up in a few minutes and then you can kiss good-bye to all your pesky urges to waste time on distracting website.

Personally I have been using it for a week and find it great to increase my productivity from 10 am to 8 pm very easily.

Since you can customize it in many ways you may write a simple html page with a list of all the things you got to do instead of wasting time. For me it would be : ” get a job, go swimming, write killer articles, practice on your Spanish, meet new people, improve your image editing skills…”

Have you had trouble concentrating on your tasks at hand because of such websites ? if yes, how did you overcame it ? I look forward to reading you !

– via The Huffington Post

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