Such a shame, by An Pierlé

An PierléA few years ago I discovered An Pierlé, a great Belgian singer with an amazing voice. The first song I heard from her was her cover from (Il est 5 heures) Paris s’éveille, from Jacques Dutronc. 🙂

Back to present days, I am listening to a great Belgian pop-rock radio, Classic 21. And this is how I discovered another gem from An Pierlé : her version of Such a Shame, by Talk Talk.

Without further ado, I’d like to present you with her version. Enjoy !

And now, for your listening pleasure and to wake you up in an amazing mood when you got to get up at five am ( à cinq heures du matin, as we say in French), her cover of Dutronc’s song :

Thanks to my belgian friends who introduced me to An’s music. Merci à eux deux !

One thought on “Such a shame, by An Pierlé

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