My review of the Kindle Touch

Kindle touchLast Christmas I offered my beloved dad a Kindle Touch. An avid reader, my dad finds that current books are just written too small to enable him to read without effort.

Given that the Kindle Touch can not only enlarge the font size but also read out loud the texts in English, I thought it was quite the perfect gift. Over a year later, I finally had the opportunity to try it out myself.

I wasn’t disappointed in the least. While it took me six months to finish a 500-page book I liked – read my review of 2312 – in less than two weeks I read two books, totaling around 400 pages.

Lightweight enough to be held for hours with your weakest arm – just like a pocket book – the Kindle Touch is perfectly readable.

Energy efficient – you can read dozen upon dozen of hours without having to recharge your batteries.

The navigation is pretty intuitive. You can navigate in the various menus and settings quite easily and without having read the user manual.

Buying a book is easy and super fast. I wanted to re-read The Hobbit before watching the eponymous movie. Originally I was to read the copy my parents bought us – my sister and I – in French.

But since I wanted to read it in English and wanted to keep using the Kindle, I bought it in English. Between the moment I bought it on Kindle and the moment I started reading, only a few seconds occured.

Kindle reading for Breakfast

Kindle reading for Breakfast

OK. You might think that being in love with that gadget, I have nothing negative to say about it. Well, almost.

What got my dad and I upset are the prices the ebooks are sold. They are just a little bit cheaper than the paper version.

And when you think of it, this is truly outrageous. Indeed, over the paper version there are no paper to print and bind, no material to transport to and fro or warehouses to pay. Nothing. Just to pay the author, the editor and Amazon for their respective work.

It costs me 6 euros to buy just a text. I don’t have the copy on my shelf, I can’t lend it to anybody unless I lend the Kindle itself. Is that a big problem ? No. I don’t read dozens of books per year ( I would like however, but well, days only last 24 hours )

To counter that, I have to mention that there are thousands of books that you can download for free. Classical books and masterpieces can be downloaded as easily as premium books.

This is a perfect occasion to read classical readings that one has put down in his / her list for years or decades. I have personally found dozens of books in both French and English that I would like to read for free on a Kindle.

Conclusion : The Kindle Touch is a great ebook reader.

Even if the books are a bit expensive for what they are, the free ones are numerous enough to make buying just a Kindle – and not a single book – feasible and interesting.

To infer this article I believe that if I was to buy a Kindle it would only supplement my reading of paper books, not replace them.

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