The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Eclipsed by the moonToday one of my dreams came true : I was able to go to a Pink Floyd concert. At least, it really sounded like. Aussie Floyd as they are known are the best tribute band to the Pink Floyd around.

If you think I am over enthusiastic as I am writing these lines just afterwards, think again : they gathered over three million fans since they started and many believe they just sound like the original.

Today I was fortunate to go to one of their concerts as they were playing a few kilometers away only from Valenciennes. As an almost lifelong fan of the English original band it was like an early birthday gift.

The concert started by The Dark Side of the Moon, in integral. (If you don’t know the Pink Floyd, it is a concept album, you gotta listen to it from start to finish…) It was a fantastic tribute and 40th birthday gift to one of the best selling albums of all time.

After a quick break, the band played on. Another brick in the wall ( the light show at the start was genius), Wish you were here, Shine on your crazy diamond and many others of the most renown songs were played.

It sounded like the original ( to a very very few exceptions ), it was as loud as the original, it simply was as good as the original. The laser and lights show were really good and really went well with the rest of the show.

My ears are still full of music, my eyes full of light and my whole body full of vibrations…

To conclude : if  they happen to be playing in a city near you and that you like or love the Pink Floyd, treat yourself right and go and have fun with the Australian Pink Floyd Show.

Their rendition of the Dark Side of the Moon is so good that with your eyes shut you would have a hard time guessing which one is the original and which one is the tribute band.

It seems they will be touring against next year. Well, I’ll sure go and see them again 🙂

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