Preparing the DELE B2 exam

DELE logoBetween my quest for a job that would combine my Management education, my languages and web competences and my passion for cleantech and my writing on my professional blog (as well as tonnes of other things), unemployment left me some time.

Meanwhile, I have had for over twelve years the willingness to have a good level in Spanish as I now master English. This is why I am currently preparing the DELE B2 exam from the Instituto Cervantes.

Here is a presentation of the B2 level : ” students will be able to communicate fluently and with sufficient accuracy, using an appropriate register of formality, to express their ideas well, using language suitable for the situation “.

And a short one for the Instituto Cervantes ” was set up by Spain in 1991 to promote and teach Spanish and to spread the culture of Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. (Its) centres are spread across five continents. “

My preparation of  the DELE B2 exam has two reasons :

  • I took Spanish lessons both during my Bachelor in Business at the Dijon Business School and during my Bachelor of Arts at the Dublin Institute of Technology. I really had enjoyed the lessons and have been thinking for over twelve years that it would be nice to have a good level in this language.
  • Professionally, my having a B.A and a Master’s degree makes it sometimes difficult to find a job. ( too expansive, too much education… ) So getting another degree was out of question. Regarding technical skills, I already spend too much time with computers, so Spanish was the natural fit.

The B2 level is generally found a sufficient base to work and study in Spanish speaking countries. I am planning to take the exam at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014, depending of my advancement in my work and of course, my employment status.

Will keep you posted on the advances I am making on this great project, so stay tuned !


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