Another Porgy and a different Bess

A different Porgy, another BessFor my third concert in as little as a month, this was fun. Yesterday I went to Le Phénix, the local theater, to enjoy A different Porgy and another Bess.

This great jazz concert featured Maria Joao and David Linx on vocals and no less than the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, which contributed to the music of the movie The Artist. Now this is some lineup.

I discovered Porgy and Bess thanks to the collection of Miles Davis albums I had bought last year. I really had appreciated the album.

The concert was the occasion for me to discover that Porgy and Bess was first a book, then a George Gershwin Opera, then a Jazz standard. Hence the 1958 album by Miles Davis. Please refer to the Wikipedia articles for more.

Regarding the performance itself, the concert lasted over an hour and a half and it was quite different from the original jazz songs, hence the title ” Another Porgy and a different Bess “.

David Linx is a great singer and showman and his female counterpart and alter ego, Maria Joao, is equally as talented and energetic. An amazing singer with a huge vocal flexibility, I am amazed that she packs this much punch at the age of 56.

But their stunning performance is no match for the Brussels Jazz Orchestra’s. The ensemble packs a lot of energy and talent. With trumpets, trombones and saxophones as well as a piano, drums and an acoustic bass, the band is just fantastic.

You got it : I really had a great time, even if I found it perhaps a bit too different from the original – or at least from Miles Davis’ version. But, the show itself is fantastic, the music is even better, so that’s a must. Hope you’ll be able to listen to it to one day.

Here is the official presentation video :

Note : A CD of the great music is available on Amazon for around $15 or 15€. 🙂


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