Django, the D is silent…

DjangoI didn’t like Inglorious Basterds. Bang. Now that’s an introduction. Why, would you say ? Because of the great trailer that was selling a cathartic movie.

And we ended up watching a Tarantino movie with just too many dialogs and too little action. (Nota : I admit I’ll have to watch it again to make up my mind.)

So, Django. There too I was seduced by the trailer. But did I enjoyed it ?

The answer is a resounding YES ! As it is a cathartic as the victims get a chance to punish their tormentors. The raid scene is just a lot of fun.

As in all good Tarantino movies, there are great actors, splendid dialogs, stunning original soundtrack and of course, a lot of action scenes. (and blood, BLOOD !)

A special mention to Christoph Waltz who is just stunning in his role of German dentist turned bounty hunter. A great performance that makes the dialogs even better. Congrats on him !

(Foxx and DiCaprio – as well as Samuel L “ Motherfucker ” Jackson – are good actors too, but are not as good as Waltz there.)

Many historical anachronisms, but, heck, it’s not really a problem, isn’t it ?

You got it, I liked that movie. IMDB gives it a 8.5 and I quite agree with that grade…

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