My visit to Oxford

Thanks to my younger cousin Melanie I was able to discover Oxford. For the four days I spent there, she spent her time making her utmost to make sure I would enjoy my stay. Merci Melanie…

On Friday evening I checked in at Diana’s bed and breakfast for three nights. Diana’s is a great B&b and I strongly recommend it. I got a great bed and somptuous breakfasts that enabled me to go on and on for full days without having the need for lunches. A real must 😉

On Saturday we visited Blenheim Palace, the house of the Churchill family. If Sir Winston is well known globally, his ancestor John, the 1st Duke of Marlborough, is not that well known. Both played a key role in England’s history. Will another Duke of Marlborough save Britain ?

The palace is absolutely magnificent and the adjacent gardens are both splendid and nothing sheer of gigantic. Blenheim Palace is a must if you are visiting Oxfordshire.

On Sunday, we also had some sun and it was fun to discover the city of Oxford and its many colleges. Christchurch gardens are beautiful and you are able to see rowers on the Thames.rowers in Oxford

In the afternoon we had a quick look at the Ashmolean : a great museum, completely free as they can be in the United Kingdom.

On Monday morning I phoned a few companies to get jobs interview, either in Oxford on London. If I wasn’t able to get one I still had a few promising leads that will hopefully provide me a job.

I spent a part of the afternoon at Pitt Rivers, the local anthropology and ethnography museum. There are great collections from all over the world and I daresay I really had a great time there.

Then it was time to take the train and head to London…


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