London !

I arrived in London on Monday evening. After having checked in at my hotel near Bayswater, I dined in an Indian restaurant. This was a first to me and I really enjoyed it.

On Tuesday, I headed towards the British Museum were I spent a couple of hours discovering marvels of Asian arts, a small exhibit dedicated to jade in the 7,000 years of Chinese history. I also had a quick look at the Egyptian and Persian arts sections.

For lunch I had the pleasure to have lunch Sofie, a great architect I have got in contact with via her Twitter. On Sofie’s advice I went for the afternoon to the Natural History Museum.

There I had a look at the Ecology rooms ( odd, isn’t it given my professional website? ) I also went to the dinosaurs, minerals section among others. This was much fun ;

On my last day in London I went to the Tate Britain (formerly known as the Tate Gallery). I won’t delve into the early days of English painting as I was no fan. However I would like to write a few lines on Early 19th ones.

  • Joseph Mallord William Turner, to which many rooms are dedicated to his paintings. Some astonishing paintings.
  • John Martin : a few paintings I truly enjoyed. Biblical scenes but with a taste for the dramatic and the H U G E ! See the Plains of Heaven.
  • John Constable : room closed, few other paintings.
  • John William Waterhouse : his Lady of Shalott was strongly reminiscent of another painting I have bought in postcard form.
  • John Singer Sargent : even if I knew the name I had no paintings of him that came to my mind before this visit. Now one name will : Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose

Afterwards I went to Piccadilly for a stroll. A bookworm at heart, I went to Waterstones to buy a couple of books. Then it was time for me to head for the train station.

Good bye London, I’ll be back one day !


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