Bioshock 2

Bioshock2The first Bioshock has been one of my favorite First Person Shooter of all time as it had a fantastic atmosphere, great character design, beautiful music and so on.

So naturally I had bought the second opus as soon as it was available at a decent price on Steam. It was reported to be a bit less as good as the original opus but decent enough to be enjoyed.

I really had fun going back under the sea in the city of Rapture. The story is interesting as if Andrew Ryan is dead, a villain as bad as him is now ruling the city.

I have to write that I had H U G E problems with Games For Windows Live (GFWL) that not only made me waste hours and hours as I tried without any avail to play the game.

Lucky for you if you haven’t played this great game yet, GFWL is dead and 2K has patched the game so it works normally. No more wasting time and cussing and fussing.

Grade : 7/10. Can’t wait for Infinite to be on sales (and to have the computer to play it ^^)

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