Archer squareHaving finished Futurama over the past few months, I was on the lookout for some hilarious series. One of my good friends recommended me Archer, from the US TV Channel FX.

I have to say that after watching the four seasons – 49 episodes of 20 minutes – in the past two weeks that this is really hilarious and simply a must watch. If you are doubting it, please note that IMDB gives it a 8.9/10.

This series has it all : a stylish animation, great characters and absolutely hilarious humor. But let me warn you, this isn’t for everybody as there is A LOT of sexual jokes and situations.

The story follow Sterling Malory Archer, an alcoholic, immature and hilariously effective superspy in an era that would look like the 1960s if it weren’t for computers, cellphones and other technologies we are using right now.

Treat yourself right and have a look at it.

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