Night Watch, by Terry Pratchett

Night WatchAlbeit I haven’t chronicled here all the previous Pratchett I read, I have really the impression, reading Discworld novels that they are getting better all the time.

Night Watch is indeed even funnier than the previous ones and is an even fiercer satire of our world. In this novel, Captain – no, Commander, – Samuel Vimes is pursuing a very dangerous serial killer, only to be sent back in time with him.

This is the occasion for Terry Pratchett to give numerous treats to his readers with several explanations and facts about the main Ankh Morpohk characters and I have to admit I enjoyed them all. A state-of-the-art book that will send you – again ! – rolling on the floor laughing out loud. A must if you have enjoyed previous Discworld novels.

Grade : 9/10.

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