CO2, the board game

CO2 the board gameAn environmentally concerned citizen and a blogger, I am also enjoying board games. So when François and Cindy offered me last year CO2 the board game, it was an instant hit.

We finally had the pleasure to test this game and we really really enjoyed it. The games rules may seem hard, very hard, and the chances of success slim, very slim, but we did beat the game the first time after many many hours of fun.

But what is this game all about. To its editor :

In the 1970s, the governments of the world faced unprecedented demand for energy, and polluting power plants were built everywhere in order to meet that demand. Year after year, the pollution they generate increases, and nobody has done anything to reduce it.

Now, the impact of this pollution has become too great, and humanity is starting to realize that we must meet our energy demands through clean sources of energy. Companies with expertise in clean, sustainable energy are called in to propose projects that will provide the required energy without polluting the environment. Regional governments are eager to fund these projects, and to invest in their implementation.

If the pollution isn”t stopped, it”s game over for all of us!

We really got helped by preparing ourselves for quite a long time and videos on specialised websites really helped us to get ready.

A few blogs have dedicated much better reviews than me :

Un très grand merci à Cindy et François pour ce super cadeau. Vivement la prochaine partie 🙂

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