Monuments Men

The Monuments MenIt had been a long while since my last time at the cinema. The last movie was The Wolf of Wall Street in December. But last week I went to see Monuments Men, a film by and with George Clooney, featuring Matt Damon, Bill Murray and last but not least Cate Blanchett.

The story, based on an eponymous book by Robert M. Edsel, counts the story of men enrolling in the US army to recover stolen masterpieces. I had read a quite enthusiastic article in Le Figaro Magazine [Fr] and had been quite seduced by the pitch of the movie.

It indeed combines Art- during the movie one can see famous paintings from Rembrandt, da Vinci and Y – and World War 2, a period of History I studied extensively as a teen…

I also had read very negative comments on IMDB – which gives it a not that good 6.3 out of 10 – but decided to go and with it as I had found a way to buy seatswat the cinema for 6€ only ( compared to normally ten or more )

I liked that movie. Granted, it wasn’t the best ever. But I really enjoyed the two hours of the movie. There is some drama, great actors during quite convincing work…

Sidenote : Damn, Bill Murray has aaaged a lot…

Grade: 15/20. Good movie.

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