Book reviews of January – February 2016

To restart this blog I am putting very quickly a resume of the two books I read in the previous weeks. I hope I will be able to publish more often – it’s not as if I had not published anything since December 2014 after all…  Since my last post here I have moved to Seattle to pursue an MBA in Sustainable Business and Energy at Pinchot University. I am slightly (haha) busy… 

Dracula, by Bram Stoker.

I had been told that this book was a classic but never had the time or the opportunity to read it. My best friend recommended it to me during the Christmas vacation and I finally told myself that now was the time.

I really had a hard time starting this one as the pace at the beginning is very S L O W. To the point that I actually had to check out the entire synopsis to keep on reading. I used for the first time in a fiction book the quick reading skills I had learned last summer in the course of my MBA.

Then the book starts really to be amazing. The manhunt, or the vampire hunt gets really good. of course, there are some lengths that you can quick read to get to the point.

My biggest reproach to this book is its end. If the author went to lenghts to write about some minor details and what not, the end is so quick, so fast, so anticlimactic (had to check this one) that it felt like the author had to make up for the pages he lost earlier in his book.

Overall, a classic, a must read that one has to have read.

On a sidenote : I laughed at the fact that Van Helsing is called Abraham, like the author, Bram, short for Abraham. Was the author putting himself in the shoes of the real hero of the book ? I would guess so given the biography I read of him…



The Valley of Fear, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

valley of fearNow this was unexpected. I continue reading the entire Sherlock Holmes’ adventures and found myself reading this long novel ( I have been reading some every winter for a few years now). Very modern in its description of violence, very good adventure in two parts, the second being a flashback explaining the first.

Great novel. Strongly recommended !



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