Decoration ideas for my appartment

DOE-LPO_Illustrated-Posters_Full-Set_Horizontal_Hi-Res_0As I am going to stay for another year in my current appartment, I am thinking that I should buy some posters to lighten up those beige / light grey walls.

Lucky me, NASA has created something for the astronomy / science fiction fans like me.┬áCalled Visions of the Future, these 14 fancy posters will bring some retrofuturistic vistas of Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Titan, Ceres and even good ol’ Earth.

nasa jpl futuristic posters



Now if you like retro futuristic stuff and renewable energy sources, there is also something for you.

The US Department of Energy’s s Loan Programs Office has ” created its own illustrated poster series to highlight projects it helped finance through the Section 1705, Title XVII and ATVM programs. “


Via Treehugger.

I think I am going to go for the Earth and wind turbines posters. And YOU ? What are your favorites ?

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