Snow Lake hike – August 20th, 2016

Yesterday my buddy and I hiked Snow Lake. It was the hardest, longest but also nicest hike we ever did as we are newcomers to the area. The trail is mostly rocks, pebbles and stones but it is general good condition, thank you WTA !

The first part to Source lake is not that hard, just long. Not a lot of shade, so bring a lot of water to drink. Source Lake is a nice tiny but harder hike. Going up to the water source demanded some courage and strengh but it was quite worth it. We were the only ones around there and boy the view was impressive… but not the most impressive we had that day.

After that diversion, we went back to the regular hike trail and went to the ridge, overlooking the lake. And that is where the awe of the beauty of the PNW hit us both hard. This is seriously amazing.

We went down to the lake to dip our toes. Cold but not that cold. We hadnot brought our swimming stuff. Magnificient scenery. Going back to the parking lot was surprisingly easy and quick. Despite the fatigue.

9.5/10 hike. Will do it another year to compare my physical fitness and ability. and to swim in the lake 🙂

For more photos, please check out my Flickr gallery !


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