Portland and Mount Hood escapade

Having done two thirds of my MBA in Sustainable Business and Energy at Pinchot / Presidio, I really needed a quick break and get out of the city. Neighbouring Portland, Oregon being only three hours away by bus, I decided to go back there for two days.

I arrived there on Friday in the late morning. Having been told that the Lan Su Chinese Garden was really worth it, I thought I would start my stay there. And indeed, this is a must see. In a tiny block surrounded by modern day civilization lays a Ming Dinasty 16th century garden. You would not believe you are in Downtown Portland.

After that, I went to Powells, the city of books as it is called. So many levels, so many possibilities to empty your bank account…

The day after, on Saturday, I went with a great friend on a hike to Mirror Lake and the Tom Dick and Harry Mountain. It was fun, the weather was gorgeous, the hike not too difficult (especially compared to Snow Lake earlier this summer…) After that we went for a late lunch to Timberline Lodge. Beautiful view and great food !

Overall, this was a very pleasant getaway. Have a look at the flickr gallery to convince yourself ! Thanks to the friends I saw there. Life is beautiful 🙂

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