Strength psychology

Instead of focusing on what is wrong with us, what if we focused on what we do right, on what are our strengths and gifts ?

During the course of my MBA at Presidio, I had the pleasure to find out what were my strengths thanks to two different exercises.

The first one is called the Reflected Best Self. It is based on a Harvard Business Review paper you can read there.

In a nutshell, you ask people who know you well and who appreciate you what they think about your strengths and gifts. I asked around 20 people ranging from my parents to close friends and classmates. Two thirds of the people asked responded.

Their answers were very interesting, highlighting both knowns and unknowns points where I shine. This was a very interesting exercise and I suggest you do it too.

The second one is based a book published by Gallup, Strengthsfinder. It gives you access to a short personality test you do online. After around 20 minutes and dozens of binary questions, you are given your five top strengths and how to improve on them.

While I am not entirely sure this is better or even as good as the Reflected Best Self, I guess this test shines a new light on my personality, as well as giving me ways of cultivating and nurturing my strengths.

Have you taken any of these exercises or similar ? I look forward to reading from you in the comments below !

Image credit: flickr. Brett Curtiss

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