Star Trek in France ? La bonne blague

It is indeed a good joke…. In my homecountry, it is quite common to meet huge Star Wars fans. But Star Trek, while being a cultural phenomenon in the US 50 years after the first episodes were shown on television, is very little known besides a few images such as mr Spock and his pointed ears. I had been wondering why. So I dug out…

The French cultural exception might be the reason why as this interesting article [Fr] explained. French authorities have always tried to promote local films and series. And Science Fiction was not deemed as a serious genre, unliked actions or thrillers. So, Star Trek was first shown on French national TV only in 1982, and only for 13 episodes. To watch the full three original seasons, we would have had to wait until 1986.

Another reason that might explain why Star Trek is not a huge phenomenon, there never were a French dubbing done, only a Quebec one (or at least, originally, cf WIkipedia[Fr]). This could further explain why national audiences might have found this gem of a series has been: 15 to 20 years after its original appareances and with voices that were not with the right accent ( The Quebec accent in France is often regarded as a thing to laugh at. I imagine our friends from La Nouvelle France do the same at ours. c’est de bonne guerre)

So,here is why I am only watching The Original Series now. And having a blast !

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