Music: Monsieur Perine

Thanks to my ol’ friend Jason B (not Bourne, as I often joke) I discovered Monsieur Perine, an amazing band from my beloved Colombia. Their inspiration is an amazing mix of Afro-Colombian sound with Latin and European flavors and a little bit of gipsy jazz. Now this is eclectic. And it works. 

Listening to the beautiful voice of the Calena Catalina Garcia, singing in Spanish, French, English and Portuguese… the rythm has gotten me dancing on my chair and in my studio. This is the perfect cure for bad mood induced by rainy gloomy days.

The tiny desk concert by NPR Music got me hooked. I am not the only one as the video has been watched over a million times since last year. I hope it will too for you:

The band has two albums so far, Hecho a Mano (2012) and Caja de Música (2015). I have listened to the last one and I LOVE IT. I strongly recommend you listen to that album and buy it.

To stay updated follow them on FacebookYoutube and Instagram.

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