Welcome to my personal blog !

Edouard Stenger dec2013After creating a quite successful professional blog on sustainability, energy and environmental issues in 2007 I thought that it was time for me to create a new space on the Internet where I could write about my too many passions and hobbies.

Here you will find my random findings and thoughts on the last books, comics and magazines I read, the various videos, series and movies I watched, the video games I played, the places I have been, the pictures and photos I took and saw, as well as the occasional musing on sciences and arts…

” Vaste programme “  as we say in French !

One warning though : I have no idea how many times per week or per month I will update this. The idea is really to write on the stuff that I was enthusiastic about, not to take my little spare time. Anyway, we shall see !

If this proves to be successful I will turn this space into a real self-hosted blog. So stay tuned, don’t hesitate to share your views and ideas, as basically, this blog is done for you !

Who am I ?

Academically, I have both a Bachelor of Arts in international business and languages (Dublin Institute of Technology, 2005) and a Master’s degree in international Management (Audencia Nantes Management School, 2006). I am currently studying for an MBA in Sustainable Business and Energy at Pinchot University.

Professionally, I have almost a decade of experience in International Marketing and Communications. I have been working in many a different industries in Europe and a little bit in Colombia. I hope to soon transition in any industry or company helping businesses and communities transition to a carbon neutral future.

Geographically, I am currently living in Seattle, Washington State (‘Murica !! ). I lived in France, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and Colombia. I am very fortunate to have been able to visit all these places and meet along the way so many great people I have the pleasure to call my friends.

Want to get in touch ?

You can use the contact form from my other blog or leave a comment below. 🙂


(updated on February 22nd, 2016)