I went to see this week an interesting movie about one of the most renown musician of the twentieth century and one of the most famous Jamaican, Bob Marley.

I quite enjoy reggae but this is not my favorite kind of music. Nonetheless I really enjoy listening to the only album I have of this artist : Legend.

So to discover more about the man, his life and his music, I wanted to go and watch it as the local cine club was proposing it.

Overall, I had a great time discovering the early years of Robert Nesta Marley, his first steps in the world of music, the formation of The Wailers, their huge success and so on.

One of the thing that struck me was how hard working Bob Marley was. You would think that as a regular pot smoker he would be lazy but that was really not the case as I could work and work and just keep on working.

Sure, the man had a life that could embarrass some of the most traditional Westerners as he had many girlfriends and affairs – he totalled eleven kids from seven women – but he was a true golden heart and a musical genius.

I really recommend you this movie, and this even if you are just a bit interested in the man and or his music. You will have a good time and a good few laughs. (just what you need in those hard times…)

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