id Software is one of the most renowned video gaming studio for two great franchises, Quake and Doom. It is also responsible for the first ever FPS (First Person Shooter, a genre that could be summed up by I see, I kill)

But back to present days. Last year id Software released RAGE, a promising and fun video game that was plagued at the time by various technical problems.

This is why I didn’t buy it at that time. (Besides the awfully high price of a new game, 50 €).

One year later, the problems have been fixed, or at least mostly as I had to tinker for 15 minutes with my audio parameters to have sound ingame.

After having played twenty hours, I can say that RAGE is indeed a good descendant of Quake and Doom : the post apocalyptic universe is gory, the monsters / enemies are ugly, the various characters are fun, the weapons are well designed and full of punch…

Definitively a good game and entertainment, especially for five euros (thanks to the Steam sames)

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