Barsoom, by Edgar Rice Burroughs

A princess of MarsLast year I went to see John Carter of Mars. It was a pleasant moment and movie. Given that the books are free on ebook format, I thought it would be a good idea to read them as they are known as classical science fiction.

These books – the full series consists of  11 books – were written by Edgar Rice Burroughs from 1911 to 1943. Wikipedia will give you a lot more information about them.

After having read the first three stories, Here are my impressions.

The first one, A Princess of Mars, is quite good, I’d give it a 16 out of 20. The second, The Gods of Mars, is a little under the first, getting a 14. However the third, titled The Warlord of Mars is just dispensable. I just didn’t finish it.

If like me you are interested in what happens to John Carter afterwards, you just have to read the Wikipedia page like I did.

Overall, the two first are recommended to get some free classical sci-fi. If you have better and more recent books to read, just read these out of curiosity.

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