A decade of favorite scifi reads

As I love the genre and have been reading some of it for now over a decade, here is a quick list of  science fiction books I read since 2007.

I have linked my reviews on either this blog or my professional one when there was one.  Otherwise, I am linking Goodreads so you can read many reviews.

2007: A Deepness in the Sky, by Vernor Vinge. A really good scifi book. You can read A Fire Upon the Deep from the same author if you liked this one.

2008:  The Mars Trilogy, by Kim Stanley Robinson. I loved these three as they are set in a (very) near future,  and are hard science fiction with great characters and believable science.

2009: The Revelation Space cycle, by Alastair Reynolds. These five books spanning 3,000 pages (!) are set in a more distant future but are equally amazing.

2010: The Foundation Cycle, by Isaac Asimov. While I liked the early books, they have aged considerably and preferred his later ones. Still a must read for the fans of the genre.

2011: The Commonwealth Saga, by Peter F Hamilton. I only read Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained (on Goodreads) but really loved these two books and some of these ideas are still in my mind.

2012: 2312, by Kim Stanley Robinson. More great scifi by KSR! I loved this one as it can be seen as a continuation of his Mars trilogy. There is a big environmental component as well…

2013: The Expanse first trilogy, by James SA Corey. Now this is an amazing space opera. I read all three books in a month. There is a second trilogy (which I still have to read) and a TV series based on these.

2014: Dune  (on Goodreads), by Frank Herbert. This one is a classic and rightfully so. Have at it if you haven’t yet. I am still wondering how the other books from this cycle are…

2015: Hellboy (on Goodreads), by Mike Mignolia. Granted, these graphic novels might not be science fiction for real but the adventures of Hellboy have kept me hooked ever since.

2016: Anathem, by Neal Stephenson. While the world building is slow (it takes over a hundred pages) and tedious, the rest of this 900+ pages opus will have you turning pages fast.

2017: the Imperial Radch trilogy, by Ann Leckie. Another trilogy, this time in another universe / galaxy than our own. Gripping and with some great ideas. I’ll publish a longer review soon.

2018: Too early to tell, but the Left Hand of Darkness by the late Ursula K LeGuin looks like a strong contender.

Image credits: DESYScience Communication Lab
(via APOD)

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